In this section you will find a series of booklets, instructions and videos that we have prepared especially to accompany those who decide to deploy Community Networks with

Libre, community and decentralized networks

Planning a Free and Community Network

Participatory mapping of a libre community network

First steps with

Parts and connectors of a LibreRouter. It is important to know them in order to be able to install and configure it.

Steps to make the first connections of a LibreRouter device. Read completely before turning it on.​

To create a Community Network or add LibreRouter devices to an existing network.

A video with a step-by-step example of how to mount a LibreRouter node on the wall and tips for proper placement.

Measure, diagnose and manage a Community Network, its nodes and links locally, without an Internet connection with LimeApp.

A walkthrough of common problems in the life of community networks and possible solutions.

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También tenemos tutoriales y videos en español.

Algumas cartilhas e vídeos já estão disponíveis em português.

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