Libre-Mesh 15.04 «BigBang» released

We’re happy to announce the first stable release of Libre-Mesh, codenamed “BigBang”, version 15.04

It’s built on top of OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 final release, and includes:

  • A simple read-only webgui (no auth needed) based on luci-0.12, in addition to the usual LuCI admin interface.
  • BMX6 r2014112401 and BATMAN-Adv 2014.2.0, running on top of linux kernel 3.10.49
  • LibreMap agent ready to push it’s status to the global map, as soon as you tell the node its GPS coordinates.
  • Public IPv6 address ranges, ready to be globally routed through LibreNet6

You can download generic binaries or create your own customized version with the Chef based on the Libre-Mesh 15.04 release profile

Lastly, you can also compile manually from sources, using lime-build as explained, but cloning branch 15.04

git clone -b 15.04

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