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DIY PoE-enabled gigabit router

Doing _Power-over-Ethernet_ on a Gigabit port might seem challenging at first sight: since all 4 pairs of UTP are used as data lines, there are no «spare» pairs to use exclusively for sending DC current, as in 100mbit ethernet cables.
However, it’s possible to inject (and extract) DC voltage _on the data pairs_, using *center-tapped transformers*, preserving the signal transmission intact and the gigabit speeds of the port.

DIY PoE-enabled 100mbit router

Most CPEs and outdoor equipment support PoE out-of-the-box, and come with a PoE injector so that you can run a long length of UTP between the power source and the equipment.
Most SOHO routers don’t come with this feature, but with a few tools, minimal soldering skills, and 10 spare minutes, you can pull out this hack and obtain more flexibility than most CPE solutions offer.