AlterMundi is taking part in the WBMv6

Thanks to the collaboration of various related organizations, we managed to raise the necessary funds for Nico and Gui to travel to Aalborg, Denmark and participate in the Wireless Battle of the Mesh v6.

This would have been impossible without the kickstarting offering of Simon Wunderlich and Saverio Proto, the generous help of Al Cano Santana, and the inconditional support of Ramón Roca and Roger Baig Viñas. This combined effort not only allows us to travel and stay in Denmark; most importantly it shows:

  • the strong links that already exist between Wireless Community Networks and related movements
  • how those links can be strengthened, and create new ones in the process
  • the importance of mutual help and collaboration in this kind of projects
  • how valuable is to ‘publish early, publish often’ your projects efforts, to make them visible and get feedback
  • the recognition from peers not only as a good omen of having taken the right path, but also as a possibility to do more great things

So, we wish to send a big thanks to all the organizations who appreciate what we are doing and co-funded this trip:

B.A.T.M.A.N. Adv

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