Workshops at the IFF 2016

Gui and Isa were representing AlterMundi at the Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, Spain. In 2 sessions we shared our experiences from Quintana Libre, the beginnings of Delta Libre and the Fumaça Project in Brasil.

Many people asked us about building a network in other parts of the world like Nigeria, Colombia and Cuba. The first session was called Autonomous Wireless and GSM Networks

We invited Gio from Italia and people from, to share the experiences of building mesh networks in different parts of the world.

Some participants in the audience already had experiences using a mesh network. For others it was the first contact with the topic. It was a great opportunity to share experiences, ideas for future projects and existing networks.

Some days later we offered a hands-on workshop Deploy an emergency Libre-Mesh network with local services

24 participants grouped together in teams and flashed several routers with Libre-Mesh firmware, spread them around, and tested the network with their own devices.

Questions were answered and analyzed. Diverse people came to join the workshop. After flashing the routers, we used different applications in the mesh like an etherpad, deployed live by one of the participants in their own laptop. Furthermore we collected ideas for local services that could be running within the mesh network.

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