Frequent diagnostics in monitoring and maintaining a community network with LibreRouter



Community network life will be healthier the more people know how to diagnose network problems. Even if a person is unwilling or unable to repair themselves, understanding how to diagnose it makes it quicker for whoever eventually does it.

This material will present various types of problems that can come up during the installation and maintenance of nodes.

It is recommended to study this material collectively, give it context in its network, understand which nodes are most likely to break or fail, which ones need to be upgraded before any of the following problems occur.

If anyone knows of a case that is not mentioned in this material, please contribute to it by writing to

As an attempt to categorize the types of possible problems, we will separate the content under the following headings:

Includes diagnostics for:
– Insufficient power problems.
– Problems in the wiring or integrity of the wired links
– Breakage of electronic components

We will soon complete with the following headings:

  • Routing or local traffic problems. Nodes at least seem to be running well, but local/internet services are intermittent or slow
  • Internet connectivity or communication problems
  • Social and community management issues
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