Timeline April-November 2015



  • We moved forward in the development of a stable release of Libre-Mesh to be tested in Quintana town during May.


  • Our main activity was polishing up the stable Libre-Mesh release: squashing bugs, doing extensive tests, discussing alternatives to known problems or complicated scenarios, and troubleshooting strange behaviours. The result was officially released, and was left running on a small 15 router cloud in one of the local networks.
  • We also sent a proposal for FRIDA awards, where one of the winning criteria was the number of public votes received. We quickly reached 2nd place but the first candidate was very popular as well, so it was a very tight competition that lasted days, alternating 1st place with them many times. We had to reach out to every social circle, even made a promo video in a rush, and finally won. Besides the award, a nice “bonus takeaway” was that the media campaign had a surprising impact on our publicity; we strengthened many relationships, and formed new ones.


  • Deployed the recently released Libre-Mesh 15.04 in a town near Quintana, by means of a workshop where the neighbors built the nodes to expand the Internet to cover their town, and used our firmware to flash the out-of-the-box routers.
  • This particular workshop was divided in two days: one to prepare all the materials, and another day to chat a bit about organization, and train people to actually put the stuff in their roofs. Almost 30 people attended (with women and men in equal proportion, including some children)



  • Our main focus was deploying Libre-Mesh 15.04 firmware to a remote town, in another province, coordinating the task with the local community, and monitoring performance since then.

September & October

  • AlterMundi became an Autonomous System, which means having our own range of ip addresses (v4 and v6) and thus being able to make local community networks officially part of The Internet!


  • The remaining funds of the Shuttleworth Flash Grant were used to partially finance a Europe trip next year, in order for Gui to participate in the Internet Freedom Festival and BattleMesh v9.
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